Welcome - And A Crash Course In Dominance:

June 10th, 2009

Hey, glad you could make it :-)

Welcome to the new VinsBlog.com. I’m your host – Vin DiCarlo. Seduction master and apparently Deliberate Brutal Love Master… According to the dating personality test I just took.

(my girlfriend told me to take it… I scored the False Messiah: “Women trust you, then you send them to hell”…. I don’t think I should share THAT result)

I want to use this blog as a place to communicate with you, and give out some amazing content you won’t see in my newsletters.

I plan on updating roughly every day / every other day, and each post will have three things:

1)Something for you to like
2)Something for you to learn
3)Something for you to answer

Pretty quick breakdown: I’ll post stuff you’ll like about my life, some of my latest thoughts on pickup for you to learn, and ask you a question you can answer in the comments.

Simple, right? Perfect.

Today, I want to talk about: Dominance.

It’s one of my key concepts, and overall the most powerful tool you have, when it comes to seducing women.

Now, a lot of people think Dominant men are “overbearing” or “wife beaters.” And nothing could be further from the truth.

A dominant man is simply someone who knows three things: A) Exactly what he wants out of life, and in his women. B) That his opinions, thoughts and feelings have value, and deserve to be expressed. And C) He is responsible for his own happiness, and to be a calm in the storm of validation swirling around him.

What do I mean by that last part? Very simple: A dominant man knows only HE can make himself happy. If you’re a dominant man, and you want a piece of cake – Nobodies going to hand you a piece of cake. You know you’ve got to reach out and take it.

It’s a pretty simple concept, yet so many men sacrifice their own values, wants and desires to serve the “greater good”, or make other people happy. And they hurt themselves in the process.

Now, I don’t want you to go around causing chaos and screwing people over, either. That’s where the second part comes in. Being a calm in the storm of validation simply means you know your own worth, and aren’t looking for other people to tell you how “good” or “bad” of a person you are.

You see, most people are tricked by the media into believing something else will give them worth. Or value. Like a cool new car, some slick clothes or a really expensive burrito.

… And it’s all bullshit. Who you are comes from within. Not without. But millions and millions of men buy into the hype every single day. Why? Because it’s easy.

It’s much easier to let someone else tell you that you can’t date a girl because she’s out of your league… Than it is to learn the social skills you need to get her attention.

And it’s a hell of a lot easier to make up an excuse like “well, she only likes rich guys”… Instead of working on yourself, and making yourself into a better man.

A dominant guy knows what he wants out of life. He finds out how to get it. And he goes after it.

… And let no one stand in his way.

THAT is what women are looking for. A man who has a clarity of purpose, a passion in his life, and the drive to reach out and grab the dream that’s right beyond his fingertips.

Now – I’m going to show you how to capture a single dream: How to be great with women. These skills will carry over into the rest of your life, as well.

You’ll learn better social skills, so everyone you interact with will like you better.

You’ll learn how to cultivate a dominant, unwavering focus, so no one can sway you from becoming the man YOU want to be.

And you’ll – finally – learn your own self-worth, so the women in your life will see you as a man she’d be lucky to go home with. Instead of some poor boy she’d settle for on a lonely night.

This world-view offends feminists, and it frightens away the weak who aren’t willing to become the type of man supermodels and actresses DREAM of sweeping her off her feet.

Because deep-down… Women truly want a man who she feels lucky to be with. Who she can nurture into a man she can be proud to be seen with. And someone she feels loved by, honestly, not because he “cant do better.”

So Here’s A Question For YOU:

How do YOU define “dominance”, in your life?
What can you do today to develop a more dominant attitude?
And how do you see your life with women, sometime the very near futre?

Feel free to help each other, as well. This is a little VinsBlog community now, so treat each other with a little respect and a helping hand. It’ll go a long way to making us a big, happy family :-)

I’ll read all of your answers, and I’ll be picking from them to write topics for my next blog posts… So make ‘em good!

Till next time. Your Friend,

- Vin DiCarlo